We're here to help those who need a little motivation to step away from the norm and do something extraordinary with the life they're living, and celebrate with those who are already doing so. Whether it's traveling the world, opening your own coffee shop, being a recognized artist or having your music be heard, follow your dreams and your passion. 

Drifter is an acronym for Discovering Reality Is Finding The Endless Road. It represents exploring, learning, improving, enlightening, and giving. It's about getting out of your comfort zone in order to improve personally.
Drifters are the one's who leave to experience life and return home to tell the tale. We seek organic truth and love. We're the camp on the beach, hitchhike the highway, picking fresh fruit along the way type of people. So become a Drifter. Experience a new city, learn a new talent, face your biggest fear, help a stranger. We are Drifters.